We combine more than 25 years of training expertise of our partners and trainers offering tailor-made region-specific training solutions in Drug Development, Manufacturing (GMP) and Distribution (GDP) of medicines, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetics.
We can provide you training for:
  • New employees at different positions in the pharmaceutical company
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of employees in the pharmaceutical industry
There are several options available if you wish to access our in-house training:
1. Off the shelf: choose from our range of programs, available in News
2. Tailored: have one of our current courses tailored to suit your programme's specific needs 
3. Case studies and examples: simulations and/or real-case scenario
4. Bespoke: let us develop and deliver the course unique to you, based on the analysis of your requirements
Main practical advantages of our courses:
  • Held in afternoon hours for employed persons / during the day for those seeking employment
  • Comfortable conference room within our office
  • Small training groups, ensuring a high level of interactions and answers questions
  • Friendly, multi-language speaking team
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