About us

At any job task can be done better, quicker and more expertly.
We are here to help you set your course and be a stern wind.
With our 20+ years of service experience in the pharmaceutical industry, let us accelerate your path to success!



The PharmaKos brand has been a pioneer in providing pharmaceutical companies with services since 2006.

We do not distinguish small from big players, only those that are worth the effort.

We remain in the long term with those who, with our knowledge, experience and passion, succeed.

We adapt to the needs of clients, the market and the demands of the profession.


We still want to be a mainstay in your business.

We can do the tasks for you, but also educate your staff to perform them independently.

Quality education is the foundation of employee success and satisfaction.


Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer. Dan Brown


  • Approval of the first gene therapy clinical study in the Republic of Croatia
  • The first student from the Republic of Croatia admitted to the TOPRA MSc Regulatory Affairs (UK)
  • Approval of a new fixed combination of antihypertensive drugs for the first time in Europe
  • The first “borderline” product registered in the Medical Device Register
  • Marketing Authorization of medicinal product we’ve been engaged since Phase II clinical study
  • Licensing of 100+ active substances at the time of Croatia's accession to the European Union
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